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Waist-Deep: Promote
In order for The RiverTree Project to be successful, it is going to require a lot of resources. This means we need to get the word out about The RiverTree Project to people, churches, and like-minded businesses, so they might be able to provide the resources that will be necessary.

Now, let us state it clearly: we are not arm twisters. The Birds are not savvy salesmen. The Board doesn't have a clever pitch. The team isn't good at guilting people into being involved. All the RTP wants to do is give people an opportunity to be involved with what God is already doing.

So if you become a "promoter" of The RiverTree Project, you are not signing up to be a salesman. Instead, we invite you to simply explore someone's interest in helping plant Jesus-centered churches.

With that in mind, who might you "promote" The RiverTree Project to?

  • Do you have a small group at your church that would be interested?
  • A Sunday School class?
  • Some neighbors?
  • How about a wealthy family member?
  • Or maybe a gifted college student who might want to get involved?
  • Or perhaps your church family want to help reach the spiritually-thirsty people of Iowa through The RiverTree Project?
To help the RTP go to the next level, would you be willing to promote the RiverTree Project and simply tell people about what God is doing?

If you need materials beyond this website to give to your pastor, neighbor, or friend, simply contact us.

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