The Present-Day Vision
Inspired by the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, chapter 47, verses 1-12, The RiverTree Project exists to plant a network of churches designed to invite people to go deeper in their spiritual journey with Jesus.

We believe that all people are on a spiritual journey:
  • some are camped out on the shores of other religions,
  • some are playing in the swamps of earthly pursuits,
  • and others are curious about the life-giving waters of Jesus (John 10:10) but haven't stepped in.
We believe that all people, regardless of their religious background or present situations, need to be invited to step in to the life-giving waters of Jesus, the one who died on a cross for the payment of mankind's sin and rose from the dead back to life so we could be in relationship with Him.

Ankle-Deep: Gather
When an individual steps into the river of Jesus, they get "ankle-deep." While they aren't very deep yet, everything has changed spiritually for them. They are no longer dead in their sins, they are alive in Christ. They are no longer an enemy of God, but His adopted child. They are no longer under His just wrath, but under His grace.

Because of this good news, ankle-deep followers of Jesus will want to gather with other followers of Jesus to celebrate Him and learn more about Him, going deeper in the spiritual journey with Jesus they were already on unaware.

Knee-Deep: Grow
For those who step in to the river, get ankle-deep, and find life in Christ, we will encourage them to then get knee-deep by committing to grow in this relationship with Jesus. One of the ways a person can grow spiritually is in relationship with other Christ followers. We will aim to provide small groups in homes and other various types of community groups (serving groups, learning groups, and others) where people can discuss the Bible more in depth and pray for each other, helping one another go deeper in their spiritual journey with Jesus.

Waist-Deep: Give
We then plan to help people go waist-deep in the river of Christ by learning about their own personal God-given design so they can give sacrificially of their finances, influence, skills, and time to help others go deeper in their spiritual journey with Jesus.

Immersed: Go
When a person is in over their head in a rushing river, the river can take them wherever it wants. Likewise, we pray that people will fully surrender their lives to Christ, getting immersed in the river of Jesus, willing to go wherever the Spirit of God desires to send them so that they can invite others to go deeper in their spiritual journey with Jesus.

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