Are you part of a denomination?
Quick answer:
Yes, we are part of Converge.

Long answer:
Neither Erin nor LeAnn has ever been part of a church that was part of a denomination. So The RiverTree Project was started with plans for planting non-denominational churches.

However, throughout this church planting journey, the Birds realized the value of being part of a church planting network, not simply starting their own.  While they didn't intend to "shop" for a network, the Birds ended up talking with a few different networks and denominations. By far, the best fit was Converge.  The language, mission, and values of Converge matched almost perfectly with those of The RiverTree Project.

Converge asked the Birds to go through their assessment process to determine if the Birds were a good fit for church planting.  As a result of that assessment, the assessors recommended the Birds to Converge as candidates for church planting, giving the green light for The RiverTree Project to be part of the Converge family.

One of the things the Birds appreciate about Converge is that they do not force a certain "style" of church upon their pastors.  They are "closed-handed" when it comes to the Gospel, but "open-handed" when it comes to secondary issues.   This means that the RTP churches will have a non-denominational feel to them while having the support of a Gospel-centered church-planting network passionate about reaching those living apart from Christ.
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