Do you have a target demographic?
To sound completely contradictory... yes and no.

We answer "yes" to this question because we have a heart for young adults.  We want to see the next generation rise up and lead the church - but before they can lead, they have to be invited into the river of Christ. So we are "targeting" college students, unmarried twentysomethings, young married couples, new parents, and anyone going through the early phases of adulthood.

We also answer "no" to this question about targeting a certain demographic because we believe the church should be all ages, not just one age group.  Even as we "target" young adults, they will need mentors in their lives.  They need models to watch and learn from.  They need to invest in children, middle schoolers, and high school students.  They need to mix with other age brackets to help them learn best who they are during these young adult years so they can be the leaders God is calling them to be.
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