Go Deeper with The RiverTree Project
Just as one person or family can't be a church alone, we believe we can't plant a church alone.

We need people, just like yourself, to join us in this project of planting a church which will plant other churches around the great state of Iowa.  And just as a RiverTree Project church will invite people into a four-part deepening process of spiritual growth, we want to invite you to consider what "depth" you want to go with The RiverTree Project.  We think there are four different ways you can help out:

Ankle-Deep: Pray
Knee-Deep: Partner
Waist-Deep: Promote
Immersed: Participate

Perhaps you aren't ready to "step in" to The RiverTree Project yet.  Perhaps you'd rather watch this new project from "the shore."  That's okay! You can watch our progress by filling out the form in the right column to receive our quarterly email newsletters.
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