What do you believe?
We believe in one God, who is perfect, amazing, indescribable, and more awesome than we can comprehend!

This incredible God is made up of three Persons, known to most Christians as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Together, these three Persons created all things, the pinnacle of which was Mankind.

Mankind, who was made in the image of the one God, chose to rebel against his (and her) Creator, allowing sin into God's created order.

Jesus, God the Son, fully God, became fully man, taking on human flesh, being subject to all the temptations and trials that Man endures. Yet unlike created Man, the eternal begotten one of God remained sinless through His temptations and trials.

Then to fulfill God's plan since the foundation of Creation, Jesus died in Man's place, taking on the penalty of sin Himself, even though He Himself was sinless.

This sacrificial act allowed the Perfect God to execute judgement on sin, yet it also allowed this Generous God to extend mercy to His creation of Man.

But that's not all!  To show that He has authority over even death itself, Jesus rose from the dead.  He then spent some time with His followers before ascending to Heaven, where He is seated next to the Father, as the authority over all things.

And now Mankind can be given spiritual life through belief in this amazing story, acknowledging that it is OUR story, that Christ died OUR death, and God wants to restore His created order through and in US!

This phenomenal, yet true story, can be found in the God-inspired 66 books of the Bible, comprised of the Old and New Testaments. This Book not only tells this amazing true tale, it also instructs us on the truths of what life in the river of Christ looks like.
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