How is the RTP held accountable?

"I've heard of a lot of pastors who have had to leave ministry because of personal sin. How are you, Erin & LeAnn, held spiritually accountable?"
Not only will The RiverTree Project Board of Directors hold the Birds accountable, but the leaders within the Minnesota/Iowa district of Converge will be making sure that the planting of each RTP church is done with integrity. Converge aims for all of their pastors to have relationships and systems that help them stay personally accountable and above reproach.

"I've also heard of churches and ministry leaders mishandling funds. How will you be held financially accountable?"
One of the reasons the Birds chose to start a not-for-profit organization is for the financial accountability it brings.  The board will be giving full accountability as to the use of the funds received.  Per our Bylaws, we conduct an audit each year.

In addition to this, our books will be open to anyone who contributes to The RiverTree Project, so that they will have complete assurance that whatever they give is being used properly for God's Kingdom.

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