About The RiverTree Project
The RiverTree Project is currently a dream. A dream to see a network of new churches started all over the state of Iowa and beyond that will invite people (especially the next generation of adults) to go deeper with Jesus in their spiritual journey.

This disciple-making, church-multiplication dream has been growing in the heart of Erin & LeAnn Bird.  Erin, a lifelong Iowan, sees a deep need for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be embraced by his fellow "states-men" (and women). And as a pastor, Erin longs to see these people connect with a local church (and of course LeAnn wants to see this too, but let us not digress...).

These desires have been combined with a connection to an obscure Old Testament passage, Ezekiel 47:1-12 (from which "The RiverTree Project" gets its name).  Inspired by the four times the prophet Ezekiel walks through a river, the RiverTree Project dream is to start a church that will invite all people into a simple four-process pathway (Gather, Grow, Give, Go) toward Christlikeness.

But the dream doesn't stop there. As people in this church "Go‚" they will help start another RiverTree Project church. Then together these two churches will start a third, and so on, until the great state of Iowa is saturated with gospel-centered churches that are sending people into their neighborhoods, workplaces, and around the world to share about the great love of God.

This dream is on the cusp of becoming reality.  It is beginning in the community of Waverly, Iowa with the launch of Riverwood Church. But there's something still missing in this dream - you. Please look around the website, learn more about this dream, and discover how you can "Go Deeper" with The RiverTree Project.

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