What are these "four steps" or "4Gs"?

In Ezekiel 47:1-12, we read about Ezekiel walking through the river four separate times, each time being deeper than the pass before.  Likewise we want to see followers of Jesus, go deeper in the river of Christ, allowing the "river" to have more pull (or push) on their lives the deeper they go.  The "4 Gs" (Gather, Grow, Give, Go) are just a simple way to remember this deepening that every Christian should undergo.

However, these aren't "steps."  Instead, we see this more like an organic process of which God is in control.

Here are the four "depths" in a nutshell:

Gather: Getting ankle-deep in a relationship with Christ, committing to celebrate Jesus with other Christians.
Grow: Getting knee-deep in relationships with others, committing to be involved in community (small groups).
Give: Getting waist-deep in understanding of self, committing to contribute finances, influence, skills, and time to the cause of Christ.
Go: Being immersed in the river of Jesus by being willing to go wherever He sends you, to communicate the grace of God to help others go deeper in their spiritual journey with Jesus.
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